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The United States is famous for the richness of its cultures. Want to sample a wide range of them by becoming part of a camp that explores an amazing array of U.S. arts and cultural activities? Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp is a special, two-week, residential camp that puts you in a live-in community on a beautiful university campus for one weeks and then with a U.S. family for the second week. The Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp is specially designed for participants aged 12-17 from countries around the world. The camp's unique mix of activities and travel excursions around the large, twin metropolis of St. Paul and Minneapolis will give you a hands-on set of enriching arts and cultural experiences like no other camp anywhere in the world. The final week adds a fantastic opportunity for English language study while living with a U.S. family. Special note: For applicants from Vietnam, to apply you must contact our special partner: Valink Vietnam, 3rd Floor, 81 Giang Van Minh Street, Doi Can Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam - Telephone: (84-4) 2265 3388 - Email: [email protected].

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Typically, the fee for the first part of the camp is $1,200-$1,800 including housing, meals, and all activities during the camp. For the final optional week of home stay and English language study, the fee is around $1,015-$1,200.

The fee does not include airfare for a participant traveling to the United States or your medical insurance. For your application to be complete, a $150 application deposit must be paid within three days following your application. Your application deposit is refundable up ten days before the project.

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Here is just a small sampling of the camp's offerings:

- Experience a wide range of the diverse and unique cultures of the United States.


Enjoy drumming and dancing and eat amazing foods during a traditional Puerto Rican bombaso. Hear storytelling from cultural traditions of the world. Learn how to sing a U.S. jazz song from the 1920's. Visit a cave where U.S. gangsters once gathered for illegal parties. Spend a warm summer night at an outdoor concert or at a Shakespearean play. Do all this and much more!

- Enjoy the great benefits of two weeks of immersion in an English-language camp.


All activities and events will be conducted in English. This aspect of the camp offers you a unique opportunity for English language immersion, with the camp's program carefully designed to encourage conversations in English to improve your spoken language skills and to build your confidence speaking English.

- Live, play, and learn with peers from many countries.


At Sounds of Hope, Ltd., we are the experts at creating international camps. For more than twenty years, our award-winning Songs of Hope project has united young people each summer from countries around the world. Imagine having roommates from two or three different countries and getting the chance to learn not only about U.S. cultures but also about the cultures of your roommates and the other international participants joining our Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp. It's a proven fact that the experience of sharing with people from many cultures can change you forever. Imagine having new friends from countries all around the world!

- Experience U.S. culture through artistic offerings in a dynamic urban arts center.


The Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis are home to an extraordinarily rich mix of arts and cultural organizations, like: The Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Science Museum of Minnesota, Walker Art Center, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Tapestry Folk Dance Center, and much more.

- Work with talented artists.


In the Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp, you will enjoy arts activities both as an audience member and as an actual arts participant. Here at Sounds of Hope, Ltd., we employ many talented artists from the metro area who will make their skills and knowledge available to you during lots of different activities. Whether you're an aspiring young artist or simply someone who enjoys the arts in many forms, this is your chance to learn both by seeing and by doing.

- Tour several prominent Twin Cities universities.


There are many colleges and universities in Minnesota that are known and respected throughout the world. If you are part of the Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp, you will get the chance to go on informational tours of the campuses of several highly respected universities, with opportunities to meet admissions representatives if you are interested in studying in the United States.

- Spend an intensive week improving your English.


During a comprehensive final week, you will have five days of English language instruction from professional, experienced teachers at a well-known language institute while enjoying a carefully selected home stay with a U.S. family, including meals, a bus pass, classes, and field trips.


- And you never know what might come next!


There is so much going on around the Twin Cities and nearby areas. With outings every day, the Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp will immerse you in activities ranging from visits to museums and theatres to attendance at sports events to a visit to a Native American powwow to spending time on an actual working farm in rural Minnesota. We cannot predict the exact mix of events and activities because there is so much that is new and unexpected happening every day in the Twin Cities! Whatever the final schedule, we guarantee a remarkably fun and educational mix of activities and events!

For a list of typical kinds of activities that will occur day-to-day, click here. This is a sample schedule and may be changed, but it will show you typical camp activities.


This is your chance for exciting, positive change!



For more than twenty-five years, we have specialized in producing creative camps offering experiences that change lives. We are introducing our new Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp because families everywhere have been asking us to create new experiences for their children. From our twenty-plus years of experience organizing global camps, we can promise you:


- The lessons you learn living with young people from many cultures will be profound.

- The friendships will be enduring.

- The stories you take home will be inspirational.


Our new Global Reach™ Arts & Culture Camp is a one-of-a-kind experience! So don't hesitate. Places are limited. Give it a try!

How to Apply

The process of applying is simple. Just download an application and follow the instructions on the form, which also explains about fees and payments. To apply now, go to the navigation pane on the left top of this page and click on Apply Now to GR. For details on how to apply, click here.