Songs of Hope

How to Apply

Applying is easy. Just start with Step One and Step Two below and we will help you through the rest of the steps. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to send an email to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help!


[Note: For students from Vietnam applying to join Songs of Hope, please instead contact our local partner for all inquiries, applications, and registrations: Email: [email protected].]


Step One

First, you should download the Application Form for Songs of Hope™ or Global Reach™, save it to your computer, and then complete the Application Form. Be sure to use the correct form (use the Apply Now to SOH link on the left or the Apply Now to GR link). If you have any questions while completing the form, send us an email with your questions. If you believe you will need financial aid, first submit your application. You will need to be accepted before you apply for financial aid. There is an automatic 15% discount on the summer fee for your brothers and sisters if you have immediate family members who plan to be an additional participant in the same camp in the same year as you.

Step Two

Submit the completed Application Form to us as soon as possible. To submit your completed Application Form, attach it to an email and send the email to us at [email protected]. Because we seek participants from countries worldwide, admission is somewhat selective and there are limited places, so it is important to apply EARLY. We will accept applications until all summer places are filled. When you submit your Application Form, we will acknowledge receipt by return email within three days. If you do not hear from us, please send a follow-up email. There are occasional problems with servers, Spam filters, internet providers, etc.

Step Three

After we receive your Application Form, we will make a decision within 7 business days.

Step Four

If your child is accepted, you will receive a Registration Packet. You will need to complete the Registration Packet and return the completed forms to us within 21 days. We cannot guarantee your child's place in Songs of Hope™ or Global Reach™ for more than 21 days after we send the Registration Packet to you unless the completed forms are returned in time.

Step Five

An application fee is due when you return your completed Registration Packet materials. This part of your Fee is US $200 for Songs of Hope and US $150 for Global Reach™. The fee is refundable in full if you need to cancel your registration, provided you cancel by April 15.

How to Make Payment

For international applicants, we prefer payment by Paypal, using one of the following steps. (1) If you are a Paypal member, you may log onto Paypal and make a funds transfer of US $200 or US $150 from your bank via Paypal to [email protected]. This is a simple process. (2) Or you may pay your application deposit by using the correct Application Fee "Buy Now" button below. (3) Or you may pay by mailing a U.S. check or an international money order to us. (4) In special circumstances, you can ask us about making a wire transfer from your bank to our bank. There may be a substantial charge to you for a wire transfer of this kind, so we do not recommend this method of payment.

Pay $200 Application Fee:

Pay $150 Application Fee:

Step Six

The remaining Fee (usually, the full Fee due from you minus your previous application fee) must be paid no later than fourteen (14) days before the first day of the project unless you make special arrangements with us.

Online Payments

To pay your Fee via Paypal, click on the Make A Donation button on the left-side navigation bar, enter "Fee" in the description box on the Paypal page that follows, enter the remaining Fee amount due from you in the Item price box, and click Update. Then follow the payment steps either by logging into Paypal to use your Paypal account or pay as a guest using your credit card. If you are unable to use Paypal, then you must contact us to arrange an alternative payment method.

Fee Reductions

Financial aid is available for a limited number of participants. If you would like to apply for financial aid, please notify us immediately via email. A financial aid application will be sent to you.


Songs of Hope™ celebrates all kinds of diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic or national origin, economic status, sexual or gender orientation, gender, culture, physical or other abilities or challenges. However, Songs of Hope™ is a private camp that chooses participants selectively, and we reserve the right to deny any application for any reason, including a physical or mental condition that we do not feel we are able to accommodate reasonably.

Important: Your Application Contract

In exchange for receiving your completed application, application deposit, and completed Registration Packet, we will reserve a place for your child and hire artistic and program staff. Much of our planning is based on the number of participants whom we accept. Therefore, there is no refund of any payments of Fee after May 15 for Songs of Hope™ and April 15 for Global Reach™. Also, there will be no refund or reduction of any amount of the Fee for any participant's late arrival, early withdrawal, non-arrival, or dismissal from the project.