Songs of Hope

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In its 18 years of operation, Songs of Hope has touched the lives of hundreds of children and staff from around the globe. Comments like those below are typical of their response to the experience.

“Thank you for helping me become the little woman I am now….and that sincerely I like! Thank you for help me growing up and be a better person. Thanks for every single minute you gave me to spend with wonderful people -- with brothers and sisters!! Kisses and hugs.”
Feddie (Italy), SOH 2000, Junior Team staff member 2003 to 2006

“On behalf of the Israeli Delegation I would like to thank you for the most wonderful 6 weeks! The girls had so much fun and learned a lot. Kislev and Ayebi are going to meet in Turkey in a few months with their families! True friendship…isn't it beautiful? I really think that you are living the dream, and giving a chance each year for people all over the world to become a part of it.
Your junior staff is incredible; they did such a great job, and they are amazing people. Love you and miss you a lot! And proud to be a part of the SOH family.”
Dana, Ela, Kislev (Israel), SOH 2007; Sharon (Israel), SOH 2005, Junior Team staff member 2008

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful organization that made a fantastic memory for Yazal and I hope that it has been beneficial for you as well. She is back home safe and sound. Thank you also for taking care of her so well.”
Tolga, father of Yazal (Turkey), SOH 2008

“We really enjoyed the experiences and life lessons learned at SOH. It is such an awesome program. My hat’s off to you and the entire staff at SOH. Thanks.”
Kasharn, mother of Kaneya (USA), SOH 2007

"I will never forget Songs of Hope. I learned that I must be an optimistic person. Persistent people have dreams that come true and I'm sure we will meet again."
Abdullah (Bosnia), SOH 1996

Girl singing“I will never forget Songs of Hope, and memories of Minnesota are my treasure."
Hiroshi (Japan), SOH 1991

Written the day after 9/11 and sent to us: "I know that we are really scared, because we don't know what's going to happen. But I'm sure that if we keep hope there could be peace, maybe just in one city, maybe just in one country, maybe just in one continent, or maybe in our WORLD. We are all 'hopers’ and our job is to send love to everyone."
Alejandra (Mexico), SOH 2001, Junior Team staff member 2002-2003, 2007

"Songs of Hope made me think about the difference I could make in the world. The program planted the seed of curiosity in me that makes me want to learn about people and how they live. I learned I couldn't be judgmental, and I learned different was good. Songs of Hope gave me the opportunity to open myself up to myself, and the world."
Kemi (USA), SOH 1997, Junior Team staff member 1998 to 2004

"You give the biggest and greatest opportunity to be there, to know them, and to make the best friends I ever made. To appreciate the real meaning of friendship; that no matter what happens, the distance, the differences, so much more, it will never finish because it's special and we keep it in our hearts and no one will ever break it."
Lorena (Costa Rica), SOH 1997 (written in 2001)

“During the earthquake, we were so terrified that we could not go into our flats and we slept in the parks, in the car. I taught the songs I learned in Songs of Hope to the people here. They learned a song each night before they went to sleep in the park. Songs of Hope gave US hope."
Banu (Turkey), SOH 1999

Children performing"Had it not been for your dream of bringing kids from all over the world together, I would not be the person I am today. Songs of Hope showed me a whole new perspective of the world and of life, it gained me the friendship of young people all over the globe."
Manuel (U.S.), SOH 1996 (written in 2001)

"Grazie per avermi parlato, per le risate, per avermi capita e ascoltata, mi hai aiutata a vedere le cose in modo diverso, ma soprattutto grazie per esserci sempre stata. (Thank you for having spoken to me, for the laughter, for having listened and understood me and for having helped me to see things in different ways, but above all, for always being here for me.)”
Federica (Italy) SOH 1991, Junior Team staff member 1995 to 1998

“You have changed my life. You gave me the chance to be myself. And to do things I love. Family Forever!”
Harrel (USA), SOH 1994, Junior Team staff member 1995 to 2001