Songs of Hope

Why Apply to Songs of Hope?

An outstanding music and performance summer camp for girls and boys from around the globe!

If you live anywhere in the world, and you are aged 10 to 13, and you love to sing, and you think you might enjoy being on stage, living and performing with kids from other countries, then DO apply to be part of this innovative and exciting project. All the information you need to apply is at Date and Fees and How to Apply.

What Exactly is Songs of Hope?

Smiling Kids in CostumesSongs of Hope™ is an award-winning music project. There's nothing quite like it in the world because the project offers you two fantastic experiences all at once.

International: The project offers an international living experience. Every summer, Songs of Hope™ assembles youth performers in Minnesota from a changing mix of countries worldwide.

Musical: The project is all about creating and presenting a concert, and about learning to be a really good performer from an outstanding staff of professional musicians and artists.

The annual Songs of Hope™ tour is nationally recognized for its outstanding artistic quality and so you become a young artist performing with something truly special!

Going on Tour

The Songs of Hope™ concert tour reaches audiences throughout Minnesota and in neighboring states. Songs of Hope™ performs at summer festivals and in city concert series, in hospitals and nursing homes, at youth agencies and senior centers, in museums, schools, community centers, company cafeterias, places of worship, and practically any venue you can imagine, for audiences of all ages, cultures, abilities, and disabilities. Our annual audiences are typically in the thousands!

Life as a New Participant is Cool and Exciting!

Smiling BoyNew kids from the U.S. and all over the world live together in a dormitory at the University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul. Each dorm suite has three or four roommates from different countries. Here's a chance to make lifelong friends from countries around the world!