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Starting in 1991, Sounds of Hope, Ltd., based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, creates performing arts camps and arts & culture camps for young people from countries worldwide.

The two main projects Sounds of Hope, Ltd. offers are:

Songs of Hope™ is a six-week, overnight performing arts summer camp for kids aged 10 and older from around the world. Songs of Hope™ offers participants a unique opportunity to live in community with kids from other countries and cultures while learning and performing music from many countries.

Global Reach Arts & Cultural Camp™ is a two-week, overnight summer camp for youth and young adults from countries around the world. Global Reach™ offers participants an amazing experience sampling the rich diversity of U.S. culture through the arts - music, dance, theater, visual arts, and more - with many opportunities for hands-on learning, trying, and growing.


"To inspire Songs of Hope campers to be global citizens and to become full members of a global community.

To give them a hands-on rich experience with music from many diverse countries and cultures.

To learn together, create a concert, share, and have fun along the journey."


Are you curious about Songs of Hope™?

Watch “We Are All Connected by Water: the Songs of Hope Project” to find out more about who we are and what we do!

We Are All Connected by Water” is a short documentary created by Albi Guaraldi and Anna Gori. Shot during SoH’22, the movie follows a smaller Songs of Hope community climbing back on stage after two years of lockdown, while reconnecting with the history of Songs of Hope, its values, meanings and memories through a series of interviews with some of the Hopers.

Click above to watch the movie!

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