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Portugal, we are coming!

You’ve heard the rumors, you read about it on HOPE NEWS, and joined our Facebook Group. 

It’s finally happening, and we hare more than happy to present the official

Songs of Hope 2024 Reunion!


Since the pandemic stopped us on our tracks to meet up for our official 2020 reunion, we thought - WHY NOT get the band back together in PORTUGAL?! Don’t worry, we won’t be putting on any shows, besides a talent show and a few late night evening sing sessions here and there. The most important thing is to create a space for 10 days (you don’t have to come for the whole thing if you’re busy or whatever) - we just want to share memories and remember the good old days, do some activities together, and ultimately strengthen our friendships! We are family after all, so let’s catch up, reminisce and bond for a bit.

Bottomline is this:

  • When is this happening? October 2024, we are letting anyone who reserves pick their preference between October 4 - October 13 or October 11 - October 20

  • Where will we stay? In the beautiful town of Souselo, just outside of Porto, Portugal.

  • Okay but, where will we stay? In a beautiful villa with a private beach! It’s a wonderful place with plenty of rooms, a spacious kitchen, outdoor areas, a game room, and oh yeah.. a heated swimming pool!

  • How long is the reunion? Up to 10 days. But we have options for shorter stays on a per need basis. 

  • Is it open to anyone? YES! Anyone 18 or older is welcome!

  • How many people can join? Up to 24. But if more people sign up, we can certainly host more with a few adjustments at the property or including another nearby property.

  • What will we do? We’ll have fun! A whole set of activities are planned for us, such as wine tasting, a bit of sightseeing, delicious food, group games, special guest appearances, and so much more! And what’s a SOH reunion without some SOH-style classics? Of course, there will be “free time” to catch up with one another and share memories

  • How much does it cost? The price for all 10 days, ALL included (meals, housing, transportation (in Portugal), plenty of surprises, activities and SO much more!) for only $1500 USD. Other than this, you’ll only need to get your flight or train ticket and we’ll pick you up at the airport, SOH-style

  • Lookout for the early bird special too!


Ok, now you need to make sure you get your seat reserved!

Spots are limited, so make sure to fill in the following form to let us know you will be joining us in this great adventure :)

We've got limited spots available and much interest all around! To guarantee your spot, four weeks after your reservation we’ll get in touch with you asking for a small deposit which will count towards your final payment.

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